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I’m Mabel , and I’m a Certified Bariatric Mindset Coach. I can help you SLAY the mindset part of this journey so you’ll never have to worry about reverting back to your old habits and thinking, that got you overweight to begin with.

If you’re looking for resources , guidiences, and community from like- minded woman, you’re in the right place.

Just like going to a gym for your physical health, this is like going to a personal development gym for your mental and emotional health.




After spending tons of time, money, and emotional energy on trying to lose the weight; you are ready to do whatever it takes to make this the LAST TIME.

I teach you how the brain works so you can improve your relationship with yourself and break habitual behaviors that are holding you back like emotional eating and lack of motivation

It’s not enough to know all the information… It about apply it and surrounding yourself around a community that will support your journey.

This program has helped me so far with being confident with my decisions that I make, and it has taught me that our brains create a lot of drama in order to falsely protect us, when in all actuality it’s hindering us and our true potential. This program has helped me rationalize tough situations, and that it’s ok to feel any emotion without judging myself. It has definitely showed me that I can control any situation in my life because it’s not the situation that makes us feel something, it’s the thoughts we put in to that situation that make us feel something.


I joined this program in order to build the skill set I felt that would give me long term success for my weight loss surgery.  I knew going into surgery that it was only a tool and I would still need to do the hard work. This goes beyond diet and exercise! This means changing your mindset! Beyond the Sleeve Academy is truly an amazing online community where you are coached and taught these skills and how to empower yourself to achieve long term success. I would absolutely recommend this program to any new weight loss surgery patients as well as those who are further out, but still struggling.

This program has helped me with the food thought process and making way better choices

-D’Ann Henry

We have just started the program but already I have had different thoughts and I keep thinking will it benefit my goal!


I  am more motivated by the community and coach to stay on track.

You’ll get tools on how to manage overwhelm, anxiety, self doubt, and worry so you can live your life with more joy.   You will also earn the skill set so that you are not dependent on your weight loss tool. 


In Beyond the Sleeve Academy, we focus on a few core areas:

How to rewire your mindset and permanently change your thinking We use life coaching tools and positive psychology to rewire the brain and permanently change our mindsets.

How to coach yourself so that you become aware of limiting beliefs holding you back

How to set and achieve big goals (so you create your dream future). We set and achieve unrealistic goals and aim to live life more fully on purpose, while enjoying every day.

How to journal so that your morning routine is more purposeful

How to have more self confidence (so you're brave enough to show up as your authentic self).

What You’ll Get Inside Beyond the Sleeve Academy:

Monthly Course + Workbook (Value: $100)

Weekly Coaching Calls + Replays (Value: $500)

24/7 Written Coaching Forum (Value: $250)

Members Only Private Podcast (Value: $50)

A 900 dollar value for monthly membership in Beyond the Sleeve Academy

For you, it’s $49

(plus a 50 dollars one time joiners fee)


Frequently Asked Questions


What if I am scared I will quit on myself?

It’s normal. We get scared of what others will think of us if we screw up.

Channel your energy into thinking through how you refuse to quit this time. What are you willing to do differently? How will you keep going when everything in your head says you are a failure? How will YOU make this a different experience?

I’ll be honest, you’ll make mistakes and you’ll overeat. No one has ever lost all of their weight with me and said, “Wow, for the first time ever it all went perfectly as planned.”

The problem isn’t being afraid to quit. The problem to truly work on is this…are you willing to keep going the moment you realize it won’t go perfectly?

I have a busy schedule and worried I can't do the work involved. How much time do I need to commit to?

Beyond the Sleeve Academy has a ton of resources for you to help you lose weight. But, the BEST part is we have everything in an on the go format. You can listen to everything in our exclusive Private Member Podcast. Most clients never attend the trainings live; they just listen when they are shopping, doing laundry, exercising, or waiting in traffic.

And, the program is self-paced. There’s no KEEPING up.

What if I can't attend the live calls?

80% of our members listen to the live calls on REPLAY. It’s so convenient. You can pop in the Private Member Podcast or watch the video replay whenever you have time to listen. Most people do not listen to “every” single video and live stream. 

Do you give meal plans?

Meal plans are only as good as your ability to eat what’s on the paper. I teach you how to decide what you are ready to eat reliably each day. Instead of giving you strict plans, I teach you how to come up with ways to eat meeting yourself where you are NOW so you can get to where you want to go.