Hello, I’m Mabel

A Mindset Ninja for Sleevers who struggle

with overeating

Discover the Secret to stop overeating after weight loss surgery!

Do you want to finally get to your weight loss surgery goal, but are secretly struggling with strong cravings, urges, and desire for food?


Does it feel easier to just quit, because you don’t know how to stop eating when your full or not hungry?


Or perhaps you’ve been struggling because you failed at losing weight in the past and are scared and ashamed of possibly failing after weight loss surgery


Do you feel out of control?


If so, I understand . . .



My name is Mabel Joseph. I’m a Mindset Coach for sleevers— and before I learned

how to master my mindset around food —-, I also struggled with old eating patterns that followed me through my Post Op Stage.

Just like you, I secretly struggled with overeating and tried to do it all on my own 


Logically I knew that my sleeve wasn’t going to do all the work

but I desperately wanted it to help me control the amount of food I ATE.

I wanted the sleeve to help me GAIN CONTROL of the power that food seemed to have over me by forcing me to eat smaller portions.

However, After the surgery, I still felt like food controlled my life. Especially after the Honey Moon stage.

The scale just kept going up and down and felt like I was never going to get to my goal weight.

Even though I lost noticeable weight I was still not in peace internally. It felt like an endless battle with food.


Now that I’m successful with overeating- My mission in life is to free sleevers of all the food drama while being an example of what is possible. –, I’ve decided to pass on my experience and open a coaching program to help you do what I’ve done . . .




Step by Step I will guide you as you learn how to:


Get out of the tormenting regaining and stalling cycle


Develop a healthy relationship with food


Never have to rely on WILL POWER again.


Manage your emotional life so that it doesn't manage your weight


Stay on track and be accountable on your own


Effectively use your tool for maximum results


  • A transformation that will blow your mind

  • A clear understanding as to why you binge eat, why your attempts to stop have continually failed, and what WILL actually work so you can stop for good.

  • We will lay the exact road map in order for you to cultivate the relationship you’ve dreamed of having with your body and food

  • Weekly worksheets + strategic goal setting

  • Six 45 minute virtual sessions with me

  • Full access to me for coaching/questions via e-mail or text in-between your weekly sessions


  • A personalized gift from yours truly (because I love surprises in the mail 😉

You are a perfect fit for this program if

  • You are ALL in

  • You are a person who values being on time

  • You are open and OK with feeling uncomfortable. True, sustaining transformation will require your willingness + curiosity to step beyond your current realm of comfort.

  • I love each and every one of my clients fiercely, and, because I do, I will always
    coach you in a way that I foresee serves you. Not coddle or regurgitate what you might hear from a best friend, a counselor or a family member.

  • Lastly….. come exactly as you are. Messy, perfectly put together, a little frustrated, or nearing your wits end – I’ve got you.


Client Testimonials

Working with Mabel has truly changed my life. I finally understand why food had so much control over my life.

Chanell J


After a few unforseen life events I started my old patten and my eating felt out of control. I was regaining so much. This program give me the tools to take back control of my life.

Kelly . J – 

My life has forever changed. The scale is finally going the right direction without the need of million reset pouch diets. i am enjoying food without guilt.

LaTisha E