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Trusting your weight loss journey is such an important topic to discuss in our community. If you’re not careful with this you will set yourself up for disappointment, envy, and confusion by comparing your journey to others.
If you find yourself doing this
I need you to know what things are happening the way their suppose to happen in your journey. 
Stop panicking  
Yes, we all had the same surgery, but we all have
  • Different bodies
  • Different surgeons
  • Different Medical History
  • Different inner battles
Just because Jennifer had the same surgery and you both are the same starting weight and 5”6 it does not guarantee the same results. 
Our support groups are amazing but if uses from a place of insecurity and comparison it will have such a negative effect on you and your journey. Support groups should only be used for tips, inspiration, conversation and friendship, because at the end of the day not everyone is going to really understand our struggle and having that community is important.  
3 things to do When the process is not working 
So how do you get out of the funk when you’re not seeing the results you want or when things aren’t going according to your plan but you’re doing everything right. 
Appreciate and respect your journey unconditionally
Understand that this journey will not be a straight path. There will be curve, loops, speed bumps and potholes along the way.
How could you have possibly thought it was going to be any other way. 
Every time you’re ready to give up on yourself because your results don’t match a silly chart or a comparison. I want you to sit down and really think about how far you have come from the moment you first decided to have weight loss surgery. Think about everything your body has gone through.
Take a moment to really appreciate your body 
Allow your body time to heal, recover and figure shit out
Your body is going to do what it’s best for your survival.
All success is not scale base
All success is not scale base so stop confining it to that. Trust that everyday your moving closer to your goal whether the number on the scale moves up or down.
The scale only gives you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity.
I have experience this for myself
For 6 weeks the scale didn’t move but I was losing inches.
The scale does not measure your worth, your dedication and commit to your journey
That number is just a number until you make it mean something
That why measuring key areas of your body to record lost inches rather than stepping on the scale regularly is important if you find yourself thinking you’re not making process. 
There are many reasons why your body weight is either not moving or fluctuating. Things like heavy lifting in the gym, water retention, hormones, medication just to name a few 
If the scale the scale isn’t moving. Just be curious. Talk to yourself from a pace of compassion and love. Why isn’t the scale moving? How’s my eating? Should I keep a food journal? Am I working out? Should I be more patient?
Never Rush the Process
Trust that you’re going at the right pace for all the changes you will be going thru and making in your life. After weight loss surgery you must completely change your lifestyle and learn how to love it. You must change old eating habits that have been made second nature to you. You have to deal with inner battles that has followed you throughout your overweight life.
You will also need to make adjustments to your life.
If you were like me whose been overweight your whole life, 
You probably have made many decisions from a place of insecurity, lack of confidence, and self-loathing and you will find that there no room for the new you in that world you previously crested.
You will also find that things or people that once worked for you doesn’t respect or represent the person you are becoming.
You need time to deal with that
Trust me there is no rush
You will be re organizing your life
Trust the process. Joy can be generated in any part of the journey.
Need more help??  
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