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Building and developing your mental strength is a lifelong process. Mental strength takes years to build and a lifetime to maintain. It requires dedication and commitment. However, the benefits will elevate the quality of your life by changing the way you think, feel, and behave, which will create the results in your life.
Everyone can become mentally stronger. And everyone has room for improvement.
Many people believe that building this skill is fluff or happens naturally with life experience, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
When you intentionally develop this skill, it will take you to the next level. I’ve seen it in my coaching practice with my clients and in my own life.
Your mind can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy. When you learn how to train it well, you can accomplish incredible obstacles.
3 Ways Mental Strength Helps you in your weight loss journey

  1. It will increase your resilience to stress
    During your weight loss surgery journey, you will be going through a lot of exciting changes and adjustments, physically and mentally. Throughout your weight loss journey, there will be moments where you will experience random events and situations. Just because life keeps happening. Resilience will help you become better equipped to handle problems more efficiently and effectively, and it can reduce your overall stress. You will be able to balance your weight loss surgery journey and all areas in your life with much ease.

2. Improved life satisfaction As your mental strength increases, your self -confidence will also increase. Self – Confidence will allow you to trust your own abilities and go after the goals that you want to achieve. When you became the creator of your life and began to live life in your own terms. You’ll behave according to what is essential to you. Life will be more satisfying. When you are more satisfied with your life, you will make better decisions for yourself, which will definitely lead to a successful weight loss surgery journey.

3. Enhanced performance
Whether your goal is weight loss related or not, increasing your mental strength will help you reach your full potential. Improved mental toughness is the key to performing at your peak. Mental strength help you manage your thoughts, regulate your emotions, and behave productively. You will be able to balance the different areas in your life and focus your energy on your WLS journey.

Increasing your mental strength requires you to incorporate strategies into your life that will help you reach your full potential. There are two ways you can begin to do it:

You can coach yourself (click to see article where I teach you how to coach yourself here)

Get a Life Coach. Although many will think that acquiring mental strength is a personal journey. A life coach will guide you and create a blueprint for what you want to achieve in your life by improving different actions necessary to take control of future plans.
Life coaches support goal setting, personal growth, and behavior modification.
As your life coach not only will I teach you the skills I will
• Providing structured in your life to stop the overwhelm.
• Help you plan future tasks.
• Make you aware of your progress and keep you accountable.

Sign up for a free mini-session here (click here to sign up) where I can help you with any problems you may be having in your weight loss surgery journey.